We share values and goals with our suppliers, involving them in awareness-raising and development initiatives, sector-specific workshops on ESG, digital and cyber security issues, and training programmes and updates to foster widespread sustainability awareness throughout the supply chain.

We provide our professional family and our suppliers with training opportunities by offering ad hoc courses and innovative tools.

As part of the Open-es system initiative, we periodically involve suppliers and their employees in free training events to increase knowledge on ESG issues, and take the opportunity to discuss specific aspects with experts.

Below are some of the topics addressed in the series of free events under “Open-es Competenze ESG”

  • Carbon Neutrality: an in-depth look at what is meant by carbon neutrality and how to achieve it 
  • CO2 emissions calculation: guidelines and tools to support the calculation of CO2 emissions 
  • ESG certifications: what are the main ESG certifications and why they represent a competitive advantage for companies 
  • NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) - Opportunities and Pathways: NRRP objectives and useful tips to make the most of opportunities for a more sustainable business 
  • Sustainability Report: tips, useful hints and advantages of preparing a sustainability report 
  • Banks and Companies: ESG innovations in the relationship between banks and companies 
  • People and Corporate Governance: the role of Social Sustainability and Governance aspects in the sustainable development of all companies 
  • ESG and Supplier Management Roles: roles and responsibilities in supplier management, with a special focus on  Human Rights 
  • How to organize a sustainable company: how to structure a sustainable enterprise, with a specific focus on the key competencies needed  
  • ESG issues relevant to the growth of your company - materiality: exploration of materiality analysis to provide tools to identify ESG priorities for businesses 

We organize workshops focused on Human Rights as well as sector-specific workshops with our suppliers to explore ESG issues relevant to the specific product area. These workshops represent important opportunities to listen and exchange views with our suppliers, during which we discuss and address challenges and opportunities that are common to the different market sectors, identifying objectives and targets to facilitate the sustainable development of the production system. 

Since 2023, we have also launched the 1st Open-es Camp, the training programme on key ESG issues dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises and totally free of charge. This programme offers “on-the-job” training on sustainability issues through lessons and discussions full of case studies and testimonials from industry and finance.