Meeting with market players
Know and value local businesses and territories

We do believe in the development of territories and in the interaction with local companies to promote an exchange of skills and stimulate innovation.
We participate in meetings at Territorial Business Associations, Institutions and Universities, stimulating a system alliance to create development paths focused on the growth of local entities and the improvement of territorial excellence.

We strengthen our relationship with the market by sharing strategies, objectives, business opportunities and development tools in order to reinforce companies competitiveness supporting them in managing the impacts resulting from the implementation of decarbonisation strategies.

In 2023, the round of meetings with territories "Transformation and Growth: Supply Chain and territory development" was launched, aimed at strengthening dialogue with our suppliers on targets, business projects and programs dedicated to the development of local companies.

The initiative includes different stages throughout Italy; the first meeting at the end of June 2023 was held in Marghera in the presence of more than 100 local companies.