Step by step "For A Green World"
A gift to raise awareness and involve your employees


Termisol Termica Srl, a Livorno-based company specialized in insulation, construction of scaffolding, anticorrosive treatments, fireproofing, painting and asbestos removal at an industrial level, tells us the first story.

In 2019 Termisol Termica launched the "For A Green World" project, implementing initiatives aimed at involving employees on environmental and socio-economic sustainability issues.

A concrete action to make a difference, a tangible sign of its corporate commitment to the planet with a significant environmental and social impact on the local communities involved.


“Every individual has the duty to make the world a better place”… with this sentence ended the Christmas letter from Renzo Mannucci to his employees.

Together with the letter there was a different gift than usual, a gift card that allowed each employee to plant a tree in Kenya, entrust it to the care of small local farmers' cooperatives and be able to follow its growth remotely through online updates with photos and tales from the field.

Thus, a real forest of fruit trees was created which, while growing, can absorb about 65,000 kg of CO2 per year (an amount that would be enough to fill 339 lorries!) and protect the soil and biodiversity.

In addition to generating a benefit for the ecosystem, the forest also has a positive social impact, as the trees with their fruit help create nourishment, training, jobs and income for the local population.

This gift was also combined with a competition with the giving away of four city bikes, aimed at raising awareness among employees about more responsible behaviors even in everyday activities such as traveling.

The "For A Green World" project also saw other actions taken to reduce the use of plastic bottles on construction sites and to increase the awareness of employees on sustainable development issues.


Sustainable Development Goals

The initiative contributes to the achievement of some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Zero HungerDecent work and Economic growthLife on Land