Little drops form the mighty ocean!
Local initiative to educate the younger generations


The Raccortubi Group, which produces piping material for critical applications, tells us the second story.

In 2019 Raccortubi participated in the “Gocce di salute” (“Drops of health”) project: a solidarity initiative for a conscious use of water resources developed in the municipality where the company has its headquarters.

A simple action with a great purpose: to educate the children of today, for a better future tomorrow.


Last year, drop-shaped "water houses" became part of the primary school in Marcallo con Casone, a small town in Lombardy.

The "water drop" dispensers inaugurated in the presence of children, teachers and the Mayor of the municipality, were a useful means to achieve multiple purposes:

Reduce water waste - dispensing takes place for a defined time and there is no risk of forgetting the tap open

Reduce the use of plastic – by getting rid of water bottles

Ensure greater hygiene - there is no risk that children can drink in direct contact with the tap

Ensure higher water quality - the pipes through which the water flows are made of stainless steel and the water passes through a UV filter

Last but not least, the educational purpose – thanks to songs, drawings and stories on the theme of water, the children were made aware of a conscious and sustainable use of water resources.

This has been an initiative in support of the local area which, if replicated, could significantly contribute to the health of children and the protection of the environment.

Sustainable Development Goals

This initiative contributes to the achievement of some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Clean water and SanitationLife below water