A more sustainable future based on a more rational use of energy
To increase awareness and promote virtuous behaviors


The sixth story is told by Midori Srl, a Turin-based startup that creates smart metering and energy analysis tools for companies and citizens.

Midori has developed NED, an intelligent monitoring device that allows you to monitor how much energy your household appliances consume.

This solution is designed to assist people towards change, helping everyone to take concrete steps towards a better and more conscious use of energy.


Refrigerators left open, malfunctioning devices or devices used in a less than optimal way: everything contributes to increasing waste, a problem that very often we ignore while it strongly affects the environment.

Hence, the idea of ​​a solution helping citizens to better understand how energy is used and adopt virtuous behaviors.

Experts and professionals in energy efficiency, IT and social psychology have collaborated to create NED, a monitoring device capable of recognizing the "electric fingerprints" of household appliances and identifying abnormal consumptions, waste of energy or malfunctions, but not only ...

Designed as a real energy assistant, this smart meter allows you to identify the appliances that consume the most and understand how to use them correctly and consciously. For example, it can signal the presence of hidden consumptions, such as those occurring at night or those due to standby power, which are difficult to detect and often source of unnecessary waste.

Thanks to tiny smart tricks, such as those recommended, costs can be cut and energy saved, learning to be more efficient in an easy and fun way, like in a game where the prize is a more sustainable future for everyone.



Sustainable Development Goals

The initiative contributes to the achievement of some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Responsible Consumption and ProductionClimate Action