Innovative solutions for CO2 utilization
What we are looking for

The fight against climate change, the decarbonization of the global energy production mix and the push for circular economy are the main drivers behind the renewed interest of companies, industries and investors in innovative methods for CO2 utilization.

Eni Next, Eni’s Corporate Venture Capital company, is playing a key role in Eni’s path towards carbon neutrality and as such it is looking for Early-Stage Startups developing these main categories of products derived from CO2 utilization:

  • Fuels: methane, methanol, liquid hydrocarbons as, e.g. aviation fuels
  • Chemicals and polymers: olefins, aromatics, plastics, foams, resins, etc.
  • Building materials: from natural (minerals such as aggregates, cement additives) and artificial (e.g. industrial wastes) inorganic substrates
  • Curing of concretes and mortars
  • Efficiency improvement of biological processes such as crops and algae growth

If you want to contribute to Eni’s commitment towards CO2 abatement and transformation into valuable products, do not hesitate to apply!

The selected startups will be considered for potential equity investment by Eni Next and the solutions will be assessed for pilot tests and deployments in Eni's industrial sites.



The deadline for this challenge is April 15, 2022.

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Early-Stage Startups



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