Sustainable Procurement


Eni supports an energy transition that can preserve the environment, provide access to energy for all and be socially equitable at the same time.

This challenge requires a collective commitment and the active participation of all the parties involved, including the supply chain.

Therefore, as Procurement we recognize the key role of our Supply Chain in the transformation path and promote its sustainable development by actively contributing to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.



"Sustainable Procurement" at Eni means sharing values, commitments and objectives with the supply chain, verifying the ESG positioning of suppliers at all stages of the process and supporting and involving the supply chain in a path of sustainable growth, providing suppliers with programmes for the continuous improvement of their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance and their market competitiveness.

Our commitment rests on four pillars:

Systemic and inclusive approach
Involvement of supply chains in the transformation path
ESG in the Procurement Process
Assessment of ESG characteristics at all stages of the process
Sustainable Supply Chain Programme
Tools for sustainable development and improvement
Monitoring of agreed targets
Definition and monitoring of the targets and actions of our suppliers
Systemic and inclusive approach

To accelerate the energy transition, we are convinced that an approach involving the Supply Chain to meet common goals is needed. We therefore call on the big players to take a leading role, guiding their supply chains in the transformation process. We accompany small and medium enterprises on their ESG journey by providing support tools.

This approach aims to foster widespread awareness of sustainability along the supply chain and promote synergies within the business system, favouring growth and strengthening the competitiveness of companies.


ESG in the Procurement Process

The principles of environmental protection, social growth and economic development as well as technical/operational, ethical and reputational aspects are an integral part of our Procurement Process, from qualification and tender procedures through to contract management and feedback.

Approximately 75% of market observatories dedicated to renewables, circularity and sustainable new business
Search for new suppliers and market analysis
52% of Eni's strategic suppliers assessed for sustainable development and 100% of new suppliers assessed for social responsibility
Supplier qualification
ESG performance assessed for approximately €4.5 billion of procurement
Purchasing process
100% of feedback includes sustainability criteria
Contract management and feedback
Sustainable Supply Chain Programme

To support companies on their sustainable development path, we launched the Sustainable Supply Chain Programme, which includes  a series of tools, initiatives and opportunities for discussion aimed at actively involving the supply chain, stimulating its growth and strengthening mutual commitment to fundamental values such as environmental protection, respect for human rights, transparency and integrity of behaviour, as well as collaboration.

Monitoring of agreed targets

We define and monitor targets and action plans with our suppliers to guide the common path towards a fair and sustainable transition.

To learn more about the transformation path undertaken by Eni, the commitments made, the main achievements, targets and SDG's to which we contribute, download the Annual Financial Report and our Sustainability Report.
  • 52% of Eni's strategic suppliers assessed for sustainable development
  • ~€4.5 billion worth of goods procured in Italy linked to processes that include ESG assessment
  • Strengthening of the Open-es system initiative with 15 partners and more than 10,000 companies, 3,600 of which are Italian suppliers
  • €23 million mini-bonds financed through the Sustainable Energy - Basket Bond programme
  • “Competenze ESG” training programme open to companies in the Open-es Community
  • Assessment of the sustainable development path for 100% of Eni's strategic suppliers by 2025.
  • Processes with ESG assessment for 75% of Italian procurement by 2023 and 50% of foreign procurement by 2024
  • Onboarding of 1,000 foreign local suppliers on Open-es by 2023


  • Keeping the ESG profile up-to-date
  • Implementing the actions in their Development Plan to improve ESG positioning
  • Actively participating in training initiatives on sustainability issues
  • Involving their supply chain in sustainable growth and its measurement



Learn more about aspects of Eni strategy within which our suppliers play a key role.

"We want to achieve a fair and sustainable energy transition with a pragmatic and systematic approach that involves industry and finance in achieving shared and achievable goals. It is essential that large companies play a leading role, supporting their supply chain on a path of operational and technological improvement that strengthens competitiveness"

Costantino Chessa, Head of Procurement di Eni