Short news:
04/12/2023   Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023 - Eni awarded in the "ESG Special Award" category29/09/2023   The Procurement Awards, Eni awarded in the 'Crescita Italia' category18/07/2023   Eni launches 'Inclusion Development Partnership', the programme dedicated to suppliers to enhance and develop Inclusion, Diversity and Equity26/05/2023   Eni launches a dedicated programme for its fuel distribution chain to support the decarbonisation of heavy transport24/03/2023   Eni launches “Sustainable Supply Chain Finance” programme to support access to credit for companies committed to sustainable development10/02/2023   Seventy years of Eni, a history written in the future09/02/2023   Launched the Cyber Risk Card on Open-es, a new simple and free tool on a key topic for governance and supply chain management in every company25/01/2023   First Open-es live event "Sustainable Development Italy 2023": priorities and actions for competitive and sustainable enterprises