JUST Initiative
The energy transition: a common challenge

Eni is committed to an energy transition allowing, through concrete solutions, to preserve the environment, give access to energy for all, being at the same time socially just.

This is not a journey we want to undertake alone but a common challenge in which to involve our suppliers, with a clear and direct communication, promoting knowledge and sharing of skills, while stimulating new ideas for a sustainable supply chain.

This is why we launched JUST - Join Us in a Sustainable Transition, the invitation addressed by Eni to all its suppliers, of today and tomorrow, to get involved and become protagonists of the change.

JUST is more than an initiative... it consists in sharing values ​​and objectives, stimulating and promoting new ideas, discussing experiences and best practices, valorizing the best skills and solutions. JUST wants to be an open dialogue with all the players in the supply chain, for a common commitment and approach on the issues of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Inspired by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the JUST initiative program is open to companies with which Eni already collaborates, to new players and to emerging innovative companies.

JUST intends to be a path of common growth and development, in which the values of environmental protection, social growth, and economic development become the guidelines for all the relationship with suppliers, with concrete applications and a measurable impact at every stage of the Procurement process.

From Market Intelligence initiatives, for research and comparison with the market on the themes of innovation and frontier technological solutions in the field of circular economy, new clean sources of energy, resource and territory management, reduction of emissions.

To the Qualification process, increasingly oriented to deepen the knowledge of sustainability of the suppliers with whom we work and will work, in order to know better these companies, their peculiar aspects, their strengths and to monitor their growth on increasingly crucial issues:

  • fight against climate change: circularity, efficiency, use of renewables, protection of life on land and under water

  • relationship with the supply chain: depth of knowledge, transparency, reliability, collaboration, investments for development, resilience

  • resource development: training, hiring policies, equal opportunity policies, work-life balance

A dialogue that is always open to create sustainable value together, also through the JUST Workshops: moments for listening and exchanging opinions that will involve from time to time specific clusters of suppliers to discuss and face together the limits and challenges shared by the various market sectors protagonist of this transformation. These workshops will allow to identify concrete objectives and targets for the protection of our environment, reduction of emissions, promotion of growth, adoption circular economy models, making development the engine of a sustainable future for all.

In the tendering process, the adoption of reward mechanisms and "sustainability bonuses" will be extended to every procedure impacting on sustainability and the evaluation criteria will become increasingly challenging, in terms of proposed contents and effect on the overall evaluation.

Many initiatives involving different companies for a fruitful exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences, to build an ecosystem of companies that want to have a leading role in the change and accelerate the energy transition.

These goals require constant commitment and concrete answers, a system challenge to be faced and won all together.

This is why we need the help of those who work with us every day.

A pact to create sustainable value together

Sharing a common path of energy transition comes through an open, collaborative and mutual listening relationship with the suppliers.

A pact of trust and mutual commitment on the values that must characterize each phase of the collaboration between Eni, its suppliers and all the players in the supply chain.

That’s why, in accordance with the Code of Ethics recently updated, Eni has developed a document which is specifically addressed to its suppliers.

Suppliers Code of Conduct is a document to establish and strengthen the mutual engagement on core values, such as environmental protection, respect for human rights, transparency and integrity of behavior, collaboration, confirming the will to undertake this common journey in the creation of sustainable value.

Subscribing the Suppliers Code of Conduct is another concrete step to share JUST objectives and take part in Eni’s energy transition process. Download it and then upload the signed document in “My Documents” section in your Private Area.