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The development and production of biofuels play an important role in Eni's strategy to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. 

In this context, Eni is testing the use of waste feedstocks and non-edible vegetable oils for the production of biofuels. Vegetable oils are produced from seeds not competing with the food chain, grown on marginal or degraded land. The agricultural products obtained flow into Agri Hubs, collection and pressing centers, where the vegetable oil is extracted to be sent to biorefineries. The waste products obtained from the extraction process are recovered with a view to circularity to be placed on the market or converted into a product (biochar) to be used as fertilizer, fuel or other.

We are looking for technologies that can support us in the development of this new business started by Eni in several countries, particularly in Africa, with specific reference to the mechanical and chemical extraction of vegetable oil as well as the production of biochar, with the aim of covering 35% of the supply of our biorefineries by 2025.

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